Around the House

  • Avoid solvent-based products, which have pollution causing vapors (VOCs). Use water-based paint, stain and sealants.
  • If you must use a solvent-based product, avoid using it on ozone action alert days or use it in the evening.
  • Avoid spray paints, most of which are solvent based. Very fine spray also can become airborne. Use paint brushes and rollers instead.
  • Tightly cap all solvents (gasoline, paint thinners, strippers, degreasers) and store in a cool place to avoid evaporation.
  • Plan major painting, stripping and refinishing projects for spring and fall to avoid summer heat and sun which react with vapors to create ozone pollution.
  • Avoid use of flammable household products, such as some floor wax, furniture polish, fabric cleaners and insect foggers, all of which tend to have solvents.